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Gregg the is a division of Gregory B Strother Independent Insurance Agent, a major broker of insurance representing many of the larges and most respected insurers in the health and life insurance industry. We have been providing the insurance needs of citizens throughout the

United States since 1992 or if you are from
California you may remember me from Golden State Insurance Company or as manager for Berny Insurance representing Local 660. In addition I help clients with their life, health, home, auto and commercial needs.

Gregg Strother  is an independent agent able to access a variety of companies that provide needed coverage at affordable rates. Our mission is to provide “one stop shopping” where you can compare many companies and still have personalized customer service.

In keeping with that theme we have decided to narrow our focus to Life, Health and Disability Income to both individuals and small groups.

Licensed in 6 states and qualified for all.

Translator available for Chinese, Russian, Spanish

I also do consultation and tutoring

I am a certified classroom instructor qualified to teach pre-licensing classes in life, health, property and casualty.

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